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Phimosis cure tool


Glansie is the tool to stretch the Foreskin.

The skin can be easily stretched

This man is from the Suya tribe in the Amazon.

He’s got a 10-cm plate in his lip.

You will find that most body skin can be stretched very easily.

When the opening of the foreskin is stretched by only 4 cm, the glans will come out.

You have no need to be worried. No pain - No Circumcision surgery!


The hole will be stretched little by little, and your glans will come out easily and without any pain.

The double structure is very important.
Phimosis occurs if the hole of the foreskin is too narrow.
You can stretch the phimotic band.
The opening will be broader and broader, little by little, until the glans comes out smoothly and without pain.
It is very simple.

How to use

Put the tip into the hole.

Grasp the grips of Glansie.

Grasp with the 80% strength of the limit you can endure.

Neither too strong nor too weak stretching is right.
You have to adjust while watching the situation of your skin.

Fix with the stopper, and continue stretching for 30 minutes.

Stretch twice per day: in the morning and in the afternoon.

*Glansie DX is with a stopper.

*Glansie ST is without a stopper.

Finish once 30 minutes pass.

When you remove the stopper, the tip will be closed by the spring automatically.

How to spread

Day 1

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Day 10

After 2 weeks

17 years of achievements

Glansie started selling as 'the first phimosis cure tool in the human history' on January 1, 2001, and has a record of 17 years.
We can respond to the customer's inquiries as well as unexpected issues perfectly.

Eliminate all anxiety

■Can I get refund when my phimosis did not get well?

Please do not worry.
I will refund if your phimosis did not get well.

It’s easy to get a refund, because payments are done via PayPal.
Only 0.1% of customers have asked for a refund.
The success rate is very high.
No risks.

≫ Learn more about the refund

■Surgery fee guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Glansie and you go for surgery, I’ll pay you 200 USD.

Why? - Because I have absolute confidence in Glansie.

≫Learn more about the surgery fee guarantee

■Perfect Support

I know, your biggest wish is that you cure your phimosis naturally. I’ll provide you with perfect support until your phimosis goes away.

■What is the shipping Name?

The title of the item is 'tool'.
The shipper’s name is my own one.
No “Glansie” character string.

Please do not worry.


The shipping cost is 10 USD.
It takes about one week to arrive.
It’s sent in a small packet via Japan Post.

You can check the delivery status on the following webpage
(Just input your tracking number):


The tip of Glansie.

Smooth surface.

Since the shape is spherical, it won’t cut the foreskin.

The ratchet lock of Glansie DX.

Easy one-handed operation.

Don’t get tired controlling the tension.

The spring.

Closes the tip automatically. Easy to use.

Worldwide sales

Glansie is sold all over the world.
And the customers are satisfied with it.


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*I will refund if your phimosis did not get well.
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With a ratchet lock.
Place the prongs inside the foreskin;
Adjust to comfortable stretching tension;
Engage the ratchet lock;

Let Glansie DX do its work.
Don’t want to get your hands tired while controlling the tension? Glansie DX does it automatically.
Over 90% of customers choose Glansie DX.

Eliminate all anxiety

Get Glansie free

If you have some web pages or blogs, and if you share your experience and review Glansie on them, I will give you a Glansie DX for free.
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Glansie is a very good tool.
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With every Glansie you sell, you will get 40% guaranteed.

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